Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Feeling the strain of tough times...Exercise!!

When you get up in the morning and see your 401K sliding into oblivion or your savings account dwindling or you need to repair you car urgently or the house needs a new roof .......these things can ruin your whole day. I can't help you with financial advise but I can advise you on how to feel better as you begin to tackle this issues.


Take a brisk one hour walk or jog or go for a bike ride a hike in the mountains or go play some tennis or golf or a little swim if possible. Getting you blood flowing quickly through your body and your heart beating a little faster does wonders for the way your going to feel for the rest of the day. The issues that you left behind will still be there but you'll deal with them in a more positive way. That's my experience.

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.