Monday, April 28, 2014

Learning to exercise.....?

I recently read of a very expensive study to determine whether or not our exercising habits are genetic or a learned process. Seemed unecessary to study something that really doesn't matter, genetic or environment. We only need to exercise, simple huh?

I grew up in a family that did not exercise per se but my parents would take us hiking on the weekends whether we liked it or not. I remember how my brother, sister and I hated the whole idea of getting up early on saturday and then having to hike up the trails in the hills behind our neighborhood. But by the time we came down and got back into the car and headed home for breakfast I remember how good we felt and how much fun it was.

Jogging on Venice Beach
My parents weren't athletes but they both loved to walk and hike and were very proud of there good health. To this day all three of us still walk or jog and do some other forms of exercise on a daily basis, so is this genetic or are we products of our environment? I for one believe that this was a learned trait taught to us at a young age and we never forgot it. Are there any genetics involved, who really knows, but what I do know is that my brother sister and myself learned by being taught the good effects of exercise which has stayed with us all our lives.

I believe we are products of our environment first and then somewhere the genes kick in.

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

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