Saturday, September 17, 2011

Learning from Others

As we develop from being an infant to child to teenager and then finally adult, we've been on a learning curve of "Learning."

Our parents and grandparents usually have had the most profound effect on our lives followed schoolteachers, the tough kid in school, the pretty cheerleader, the good looking athlete, the first relationship then our husband or wife and of course our children.

When we reach midlife we have hopefully accumulated an enormous amount of knowledge and experience to guide us the rest of the way.

Unfortunately we are also fed information that is not to our best interest for our health and well being.

All the things that we have 'learned' seem to have been forgotten. As kids our parents and teachers encouraged us to 'go outside and play' and we did. Today we are advised to exercise more as we reach midlife yet we seem reluctant. We eat in a hurry, so fast food drive thru restaurants are provided. Then were provided with a pill to help us lose the weight. If we don't 'go outside and play' and keep eating fast unhealthy foods our later life will be debilitating at best.

Don't forget the wonderful things you learned through out your life.

It's so easy: Eat less and Exercise more, nothing to it!!

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just go out the door!!!

It's as simple as that, just go out the door. Don't make your daily exercise a chore keep it simple. A pair of shorts a comfortable t-shirt and a good pair of walking or jogging shoes that's all you need and then just go out the door. Once out that door there is no going back so the goal in the beginning is to just go out the door.

Then start walking briskly. If you're up to it start a short jog always looking at the the surroundings that your running through. If you're in a city watch the people, the homes, the buildings, kids on the street playing and in the country look at the trees, meadows, rivers the sky and keep in mind this is the environment you live in so enjoy it and it will help pass the time.

In the begging start with 3/4 hour and each week increase it slightly. Don't push yourself to the point that you get discouraged only to the point that it makes you feel as if your progressing, and always remember:

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.