Saturday, June 16, 2012

Body Heals Itself

Last December I took a spill off my bike and broke my elbow and fractured my arm. I was close to UCLA emergency so I walked over with my bike in tow. They took an X-ray to confirm that was in fact is what had happened. Because of the swelling and a planned trip to Colorado for christmas with my son the next week, we decide not to operate and reattach the elbow to the fractured arm until the first of january. The procedure was to wire the elbow to the forearm to hold it in place. By the time of the operation, three weeks later, an x-ray revealed that the forearm fracture was almost completely healed.
Surprise, surprise nature doing it's thing. Eight weeks after the accident I was playing tennis, running and lifting weights. I had imagined at least five months of recovery before getting back to my usual routine. My orthopedic surgeon was the most surprised attributing the fast recovery to my healthy condition. He said that the weight training and aerobic exercises that I have doing all my life attributed greatly to my fast recovery.

That's the upside to exercising!!!

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Center Piece for Exercise

My experience as a 75 year old who has been exercising all his life is the following:

Running, jogging or walking are the core of all exercises.

You doesn't have to run long distances or run at a fast pace to stay in good shape you just have to walk, run or jog everyday. I've always been a believer that consistency in your exercising is very important. Any of these three help build and sustain your endurance and aerobic conditioning and that's vial for your health.

When I was younger I ran 20-30 miles a week but as I got older my running turned into walking and jogging a more realistic way to stay in shape for my age. I play lots of tennis, swim, bike, hike and lift some weights to round out my exercise program. The results of this and most important to me is my ability to travel with great ease which I attribute to my years of exercising and staying in condition.

Remember: Keep it Simple, Constant and Fun.