Thursday, November 27, 2014

How much longer can I exercise.....??

As we age the one thing that always comes to mind is how much longer can we exercise in the same way we did twenty or thirty years ago.

My opinion as a 78 year old, as long as you can and my experience is that can be for a long time if you consider your limitations as you age.

Biking in Provence, Fr.
As a distance runner I no longer run marathons and I don't try but I can still run short distances with some bursts of speed. I also add some hiking, long bike rides and lots of tennis which is so much easier on the body as one ages and also supplies the needed aerobics.

I try to go to the gym 4-5 times a week for a maximum of 40 minutes. No more heavy weights but lots of reps with light weights interspersed with stretching. The gym always ends my day of exercise and comes after some tennis or jogging or hiking or bike riding. The workout in the gym, in my opinion, is the most physically exerting and should come at the end of your day of exercising.

All of this may take 2 1/2 hours, a perfect day of exercise for us as we age. This routine works for me but you have to find what works for you. Let me say finally if you don't feel like exercising on a particular day then don't it, there is always tomorrow, just don't make a habit of it.

Remember: Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

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