Friday, May 9, 2014

Value the food you eat..........

How not to eat!
Food seems to be everywhere now days. We are inundated with a constant barage of the Food Channel hosting celebrity chefs talking about how to make food more tasty, not to mention fatting, TV food eating contests to see who can eat the most and the fastest, advertisement of foods everywhere, (internet, TV, radio, posters, books, etc.) and directed mainly at children. Wonder why we have a growing epidemic of obesity in this country.

We are very fortunate in this country because there is an abundant supply of food at our disposal to allow us to stay healthy but the facts are it's hurting us more than helping.

Food is a nurishment to the body and should be used in that way. Always think about taking that next bite when you're really not sure you want it. Do you really want it, this is the time to sit back and let what you have already eaten digest itself. You may be surprised and realise you're satisfied and no more food is necessary.

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

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