Friday, July 4, 2014

Grumpy at 70.........nah!!!!

In a recent study done about men turning 70 years old indicated that they, we, become "grumpy"!

As a 77 year old I must admit that I'm not always the cheeriest person, but grumpy, nah!
The study said the reasons for this phenomenon of grumpiness are as follows: health issues, loneliness and lack of resources.

Two grumpy old guys and me
I found it interesting that the number one reason were health issues. I've felt this way for a long time and have even stated it in my blogs for the last three years. My experience is the more I exercise i.e., moving as in running, jogging, swimming, walking, tennis, golf and anything that gets me to move, the better I feel psychology and physically, hence not grumpy!

For any of you out there who have just finished your daily exercise routine, whatever ever it may be, ask yourself if you felt grumpy afterwards. Most likely you will feel a sense of accomplishment and that never leads to,"grumpy".

Loneliness can be helped by exercise. If you're doing any sport it's usually with someone else, golf and tennis are examples but also when your running or at the gym there are people around you that are doing the same thing as you so here is an opportunity reach out and get connected.

Lack of recources was listed in last position, as it should be in my opinion, because without your health or friends money becomes less important in your life. So start out with a daily exercise routine and then follow it by a real attempt to get connected with friends, family and the rest will take care of itself  and remember.........

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

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