Monday, November 9, 2009

Jody and Arnold

After almost 10 months of listening to our Congress arguing about health care reform I've become very disillusioned, not because it's taking so long but because their focus is in the wrong place. Only on occasion is the word prevention ever mentioned. The discussion is all about financing mechanisms. What does that have to do with HEALTH? So I'm starting this blog to share my feelings and experience about health as we all mature.

First of all I'm not a professional athlete or a personal trainer just a guy who is over 55, actually I'm 73 years old. Quite often I'm asked by my peers, how do you stay so healthy and in good shape, well there is no secret formula only a willingness to Exercise and have good eating habits.

As the years passed I began to feel new aches and pains that I've never felt before. Welcome to aging, it's what happens to all of us and I also realize that the rigors of aging can't be reversed but it can be accommodated through exercise and proper eating habits.

Aging is a very natural process in human beings. The question is how we deal with it. It's estimated that 40% or more of the physiological deterioration associated with aging is not inevitable but is due to decreased exercise, often coupled with an increase of body fat.

Never has the athlete's motto of 'USE IT OR LOSE IT' seemed more appropriate .

In my opinion as we age bad eating habits and a sedentary life style will play a major negative role in our health and well being if we don't pay close attention.

Because I'm in good health I'm able to travel extensively with ease and stay involved with sports I love like tennis, running, hiking, swimming, etc. the same way I did when I was 30 years old, though a bit slower and more carefully.

The next blog I'll share with you what works for me at my age. I would also like to hear what you think and what works for you.

Stay healthy,