Monday, February 10, 2014

Healthcare is "taking care of yourself".....

Don't wait for the healthcare system to take care of your needs....all the information is out there for you to make the right choices and take care of yourself.  I believe eventually the healthcare system will be considerably more accommodating to those who need it but it's still not there for so many people. That being a given the best solution to this problem is "take care of yourself."

Daily Exercise
Let me elaborate on this simple method. It's not hard to take good care of your health, start with a little exercise everyday like a brisk walk followed be some simple stretching. If you never do any more than this for one hour a day you'll dramatically improve your health. Add to that eating less with a greater variety of foods (veggies, fruits, etc.). As a 77 year old who has done just that, I guarantee you a healthier life.

Understand this is not a condemnation of the medical profession, it's doctors, research or hospitals, it's a opinion based on my experience of many years with these groups.

The overwhelming amount of time given to paper work, administrative concerns, bureaucracy, potential lawsuits, conflicts of interest and their profits makes your health in those hands not in your best interest. To fight this system and then wait for it to get better can have grave consequences for your health and well being.

Be smart and get control of your health and not wait for a dysfunctional healthcare system to become functional to help you.

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

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