Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Life is a fatal illness..................

Life is a fatal illness and none of us are spared.

Now that may sound a bit morbid but think about it, we're all going to die sooner or later. The big question is where, how and when. Ideally in our own bed, having quietly fallen asleep at the age of ninety five years old! Sounds good, huh? Well as is known we can't predict any of the above but what we can do is try to get as close to that scenario as possible.

How do we do that?

What I'm going to say will sound like a repeat of my previous blogs but it's the center piece for my web-site, aprimelife.com, so bare with me.

Arnold, 77 yrs. old
By the time most people in this country reach 50+ they are not in the best of health. So this is the perfect time to start changing your life style to a more healthy and vital one by considering the type and quantity of food you eat and the amount of exercise you do each day. It's really that simple but the execution and approach to a healthy life after 50+ is in your hands, and there in lies the issue.

Don't wait for your doctor to tell you to start exercising and eating a healthier diet take responsibility for your health and do it yourself. Your priority as you pass 50 is to exercise each day, even if it's only 15 minutes of brisk walking in the beginning and then increase it slowly until you reach 1 hour. Simultaneously cut down on the amount of food you eat. None of this is hard, it's your health, your life and it's in your hands.

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

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