Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Feeling the strain of tough times...Exercise!!

When you get up in the morning and see your 401K sliding into oblivion or your savings account dwindling or you need to repair you car urgently or the house needs a new roof .......these things can ruin your whole day. I can't help you with financial advise but I can advise you on how to feel better as you begin to tackle this issues.


Take a brisk one hour walk or jog or go for a bike ride a hike in the mountains or go play some tennis or golf or a little swim if possible. Getting you blood flowing quickly through your body and your heart beating a little faster does wonders for the way your going to feel for the rest of the day. The issues that you left behind will still be there but you'll deal with them in a more positive way. That's my experience.

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Try touching your toes lately!!

Ever watch a baby lying on his or her back take their toes and put them in their mouth. Now that's flexibility!!

That's how we all start but as the years pile up we begin to lose that ability to be so flexible. My experience is if one continues to do some form of stretching every day that flexibility diminishes at a much slower pace.

Simple stretching exercises can be done anywhere or anytime; when taking a brisk walk stop for a moment and touch your toes, when finishing a bike ride do a simple squat to help loosen your lower back, when waiting in a line reach for the sky with both arms up pulling upwards and you will feel the tension flow from your body. There are so many easy ways to stretch. So remember:

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Exercise and the Brain

Can exercise make the brain more fit? We've known for years that exercise remodels muscles, making them more durable and fatigue-resistant. Without getting into all the details and academic explanations of the density of mitochondrial cells, etc. etc., instead let's talk about the end result.
Like muscles, many parts of the brain get a robust workout during exercise. "The brain has to work hard to keep the muscle moving" and all of the bodily systems in sync. Epidemiological studies show that long-term runners have a lower risk of neurological disease.

Isn't this enough to make you want to get up off the couch and take a brisk walk or run?

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I treat myself like I would a 1936 ford!!

Carefully maintaining your health after you turn 50 is a must. No more, I'll take care of it next week, or you'll pay the price. You have to get into the habit of health just like getting into the habit of brushing your teeth, it's done everyday. Exercise is the single most ingredient of the habit of health.

The major health problems in the U.S. are chronic, long term illnesses in middle age or later. Cancer, heart disease, emphysema and liver cirrhosis cause nearly 85% of all deaths. About two thirds of these diseases can be prevented with a consistent routine of exercise, eating less and more healthy.

It's really as simple as that for most of us. You wouldn't let your 1936 Ford go without proper maintenance, now would you? I was born in 1936 year, so I know!

You need a plan for your good health which I look forward to sharing with you just how that can be accomplished when my website is finished in January 2012.

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Don't wait to get sick!!

Neither health insurance companies or visits to your doctors office are going to keep you healthy.

You're going to keep you healthy by getting exercise each day and eating less food. This must be a priority as you pass 50 years old.

The way you eat and the amount of exercise you do will determine how healthy you are. If you do one hour a day of exercise and keep the quantity of food that you eat to a acceptable minimum then your doctors visits will only be for an annual checkup, which we all need.

As for health insurance they exist in case of emergency only!!

It's not hard to do and remember,

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Your gym is everywhere!!

I took my friend to a pharmacy last week and what was to be a few minutes wait ended up being 1/2 hour. After seating in the car for ten minutes I got restless and decided to do some stretching in the parking lot, so for the next 20 minutes I did some stretching, squats and push-ups. Some people going into the pharmacy thought I was nuts but most gave me a thumbs up. By the time my friend came out of the pharmacy I was ready to get back into the car and head home feeling physically great.

My point is the following: No matter where I am I can be exercising. When having my car serviced instead of seating in the waiting area I take a walk, when going to the grocery store on a nice day I walk and take a backpack and I always ride my bike to anything within five miles weather permitting. So............

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do the exercise you enjoy!!

I've been a jogging and running since I was in my early thirties. When I turned forty years old I started running races, (5K's, 10k's, 1/2 marathons and marathons) because they were offered on a weekly basis thru-out most of So.Calif. It was easy, just sign up and show up so I did and my journey into the world of running races began. I loved it!!

Now thirty five years later I love running less. I went from twenty five miles per week to twelve. I began to have sciatica problems in my left leg. I was much more susceptible to nagging little aches and pains as I grew older. That's the bad news.

The good news is, I discovered that running helped build a strong core and endurance level that now allows me to do all the other sports I really enjoy, (tennis, weights, swimming, hiking, skiing, biking) with out injury.

My experience is enjoy the exercise or sport until it becomes an effort then simple switch to something else. There is nothing like change to reinvigorate oneself.

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Learning from Others

As we develop from being an infant to child to teenager and then finally adult, we've been on a learning curve of "Learning."

Our parents and grandparents usually have had the most profound effect on our lives followed schoolteachers, the tough kid in school, the pretty cheerleader, the good looking athlete, the first relationship then our husband or wife and of course our children.

When we reach midlife we have hopefully accumulated an enormous amount of knowledge and experience to guide us the rest of the way.

Unfortunately we are also fed information that is not to our best interest for our health and well being.

All the things that we have 'learned' seem to have been forgotten. As kids our parents and teachers encouraged us to 'go outside and play' and we did. Today we are advised to exercise more as we reach midlife yet we seem reluctant. We eat in a hurry, so fast food drive thru restaurants are provided. Then were provided with a pill to help us lose the weight. If we don't 'go outside and play' and keep eating fast unhealthy foods our later life will be debilitating at best.

Don't forget the wonderful things you learned through out your life.

It's so easy: Eat less and Exercise more, nothing to it!!

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just go out the door!!!

It's as simple as that, just go out the door. Don't make your daily exercise a chore keep it simple. A pair of shorts a comfortable t-shirt and a good pair of walking or jogging shoes that's all you need and then just go out the door. Once out that door there is no going back so the goal in the beginning is to just go out the door.

Then start walking briskly. If you're up to it start a short jog always looking at the the surroundings that your running through. If you're in a city watch the people, the homes, the buildings, kids on the street playing and in the country look at the trees, meadows, rivers the sky and keep in mind this is the environment you live in so enjoy it and it will help pass the time.

In the begging start with 3/4 hour and each week increase it slightly. Don't push yourself to the point that you get discouraged only to the point that it makes you feel as if your progressing, and always remember:

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The more you age the more you exercise, simple.

There's this myth that as one grows older one can now relax and do very little physical exercise. Well let me tell you as a 74 year old that is only a myth. To stay physically and mentally vital exercise is more important than when you were in your 30's or 40's.

I'm not talking about running marathon's or climbing Mt. Everest what I'm suggesting is minimum of one hour a day of some sort of exercise like a brisk walk, some jogging, stretching, swimming, hiking, biking or weights. Consistently doing a combination of theses different exercises will make a difference in your golf, tennis or whatever sport you play because it will improve your endurance and strength. Travel will be easier, you'll have more restful sleep and most importantly experience a sense of vitality.

The best medicine for your health as you age is exercise!!!

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beautiful place, unhealthy lifestyle.

Just got back from a wonderful trip to Ohio to attend a wedding. It was my first time to visit this beautiful state with it's vast landscapes and green countrysides. The people are friendly, helpful and a lot of fun. This is the core of our American culture which is thoughtful, hardworking and generous.

If you're confused by the picture on the right it was our trip to Machu Picchu in the Andes last year. That's me holding up the old archway!!!

Regardless of my good feelings about Ohio I couldn't help but notice their eating habits and lack of exercise. I saw so many people of all ages who were very overweight or obese. As we all know the two reasons for over weight comes from eating to much compounded by eating the wrong foods. The other reason is a lack of exercise.

Let me give you my experience and advice as a healthy 74 year old man, in these two areas.
1. Change your eating habits by eating less (25%) to start.
2 .Eat slowly and chew your food well.
3. Eat at regular intervals, no snacking and enjoy your food.
4. Reduce fat content (more fruit and vegetables, less animal fats). Chicken and fish are fine in moderation. Beans, lentils and nuts have lots of protein and little fat.
6. Do not eat and drink. Drink prior to eating (10 minutes before and 10 minutes after eating).
7. Don't eat just before bedtime, a good 1 1/2 before at the latest.

1. The human body needs movement everyday so just go out the door for a brisk walk or a jog for at least 1/2 hour. No excuses!!
2. If you don't like to run take a hike or go for a bike ride.
3. Resistant exercises (weights) are very important as we age. At least 3 times a week.
4. Stairs may be the best single exercise around. No matter how many steps you take at a time, one or two, it's all good. Keep your back straight and try not to use the railing.
5. Finish your exercise with some stretching and sit-ups. Go easy in the beginning and soon your body will get use to all this movement.

These are the very basic things to get started and always remember:
Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Here is a chance for us to do some multi-tasking. First write to your congress person about the unacceptable state of affairs with the food industry who fill our grocery shelfs with unhealthy foods for their profit. When that's done go out the door for your daily run, jog or brisk walk. That's adult multi tasking for the day.

Now let me elaborate a little.

There is way to much confusion about what to eat, how much to eat and what's most healthy for us. Food is what we eat to stay alive--so why so much talk about it?
We don't write or talk about our bathroom experiences we just do what's natural. Humans decided what to eat long before the so-called help from the food industry. We don't hear about it because it's not a sexy subject and the food industry cannot make a profit from such reasonable thinking.

Because food is in our face and constantly being advertised in all the media we are fooled into believing that we need more than we actually do.

My answer is a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, a little meat, fish, chicken, grains and eggs all in moderation. The human body needs only a reasonable amount of food and a lot more exercise, as we get older, to stay fit and healthy.

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Obesity hits boomers!!

A very startling poll came out yesterday reporting that boomers are more obese than other generations setting them up for unhealthy senior years. Is that what they want? I doubt it.
There's no magic to getting in shape no matter what age you are but it does take a willingness.

Then it takes physical activity and good eating habits to stay healthy and avoid the chronic diseases that would make life after fifty difficult at best. There is no magic bullet to stay fit just a little work and some discipline and remembering that you cannot eat the way you did when you where in your 20's. Also it takes physical activity, not just dieting, to lose pounds. Don't keep a lot of food in your house and be tempted all the time, keep only what you need. Make your exercise activity each day simple like just going out the door for a brisk walk or a jog-run. It's really simple to stay healthy, if I can do it at 74 years old so can you!!

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What the @#*#! are you talking about!!!

With out sounding as if I'm bragging I have a good education and I'm as well read as most people my age, so why do I have such a difficult time trying to figure what the healthcare system is all about. It seems as if it's designed for us not to understand it. I know that sounds like a conspiracy theory but I don't know what else to think. In my opinion there is a simple way to solve this issue but I'll save that for another blog.

For now and until we have a simpler system we have to depend on ourselves to stay healthy and fit. The information has been out there for many years, all we just have to utilize it. Start with the National Institute of Health, which is online for your convenience with some wonderful guidelines for staying healthy and it's free. For us older folks, within the NIH is 'Go4Life', a terrific resource and so easy to follow no matter what issues you have. Your government at work with your tax dollars, take advantage of it. This 74 year old certainly does.

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

You're the best judge of your health

When you hit 55 years old just looking in the mirror will usually tell you what kind of physical shape you're in and I don't mean the hair that seems to be missing or the jowls that seem a little droopy or fleshier than they were last year. Short of surgery or transplants these things are all part of aging and it happens to all of us.

What I'm talking about is how straight do you stand, how big has your mid section grown since the last time you looked, how out of breath did you get when you tried to bend over and touch your toes or how desperately did you look for the elevator when the stairs are right in front of you. Take the stairs!!! Those are the signs that you must be pay attention too if you want to have a healthy next 30 to 35 years or more if one is that lucky.

Let me share one simple thought as a healthy 74 year old.
"Consistent exercise will alter your aging process for the better."

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Things we know but need to be reminded.

"Chips, Fries, Soda Most to Blame for Long-Term Weight Gain."

This is a study done by the New England Journal of Medicine. It's wonderful to know that this kind of research is being done, but it seems to me that we are being made aware of something we already know.

How many who are over 55 think that chips, sodas and fries are good for us? My guess would be that none of us is the answer. We all know that chips and fries have an enormous amount of salt and sodas have a great deal of sugar, two items that as we grow older should be reduced greatly.

I'm not a purist in any sense of the word but I did cut out sodas years ago when I realized what was in those sugary drinks. It took a while getting used to not drinking sodas but was it worth it.

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun

Monday, June 27, 2011

Top Ten Problems for Seniors

Research shows that there are 10 health problems that affect most seniors, subject to local variations. Applying my experience I'll briefly discuss one of them each week, so today let's start with high blood pressure. (hypertension)

If untreated it can lead to heart attack and strokes. A healthy diet and increased exercise are important for everyone with raised blood blood pressure. By starting to exercise on a daily basis you can help to prevent high blood pressure.

I exercise everyday and still have high blood pressure. Why? Because I have a family history of this condition, so my doctor recommended that I take a low dosage drug that keeps my blood pressure in the safe zone. If I didn't exercise on a daily basis I would not doubt have to take a more potent drug which in many cases has undesirable side affects. Another important culprit creating high blood pressure is salt. Salt is not bad for you but it's use should be kept at a minimum. An increase in fruits and vegetables, in my experience, is also very helpful.
Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fall apart past 70 ???

I recently listened to the topic of healthcare be discussed by a journalist that reports on healthcare and a US senator who is in his mid fifties. The focus was on those 70+ and the grave danger they're in!! The senator, who is 55 said and I quote, "people over 70 begin to fall apart."
First of all how would he know that, he's only 55. Why not ask someone who is that age, they're the experts. As a 74 year old I can tell you the difference between being 55 and 74 because I've been there. I can also talk about how paying closer attention to my health when I entered my fifties made a huge difference in my health today.
I began eating a little less, cutting out fatty foods, reducing my alcohol intake, getting more sleep and increasing the amount of exercise I did each week. Because of that, "I'm not falling apart," nor should any one else in there 70's if the take care of themselves. Just get started.
Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Take Charge of Your Health...........

"Take charge of your health! If you don't, who will?"

This statement was made by C. Everett Koop, Surgeon General in the 1960's. It was valid then and it's certainly valid today. A healthy lifestyle is the best way to live a long life with vigor and avoidance of chronic diseases. Also remember that two very simple things added to your daily routine can insure that healthy lifestyle: Eat less, exercise more.

It is universally agreed that thirty five percent of our longevity is determined by the genes we inherited over which we have no control. But longevity is an empty victory if those additional years are characterized by chronic illness, frailty, and a lowered quality of life.

Lets start with Eat Less: Calorie restriction and following a diet of high quality protein with limited saturated fats can limit and even reverse unhealthy aging. Exercise more: Make exercise a regular part of your daily lifestyle.

Keep it Simple, consistent and fun!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


As we grow older, and we all do, forgetfulness becomes a problem. How many times have we walked into a room with a definite objective in mind and then completely forget what that objective was.

The good news is that's a problem for all of us and doesn't mean we are headed for Dementia. Many recent neurological studies have now confirmed that Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Dementia were found less likely to develop in seniors if they maintained an exercise regime of at least 15-30 minutes a day for at least three days a week.

Now that's not much exercise in my opinion, but if these studies are accurate, how about 1 hour a day 6 days a week it, certainly can't hurt. We are seniors and we must find time to exercise because the most important duty to ourselves is our health.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Exercise and Less Food

The National Institute on Health, an agency of our government, every year publishes information about health and how best to stay healthy with lots of tips, charts, and some very good advice.

The bottom line of this yearly report is the following: More exercise and and less food. Simple isn't it!! It should be but unfortunately the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, food industry all feel a bit threatened by the simplicity and that means one thing to them: Less profits.

The health of the American people should not be determined by the profits of a few industries.
We are the best judge of our health and we know if we are eating to much and sitting on the couch to long. It's up to all of us to do something about it.

Friday, June 10, 2011


"It's much easier to stop something from happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it happens, it's called prevention, the act of stopping something from happening."

As someone who will be 75 this year I can attest to fact that working out for the last 45 years has allowed me the minimum physical loss as I have aged. I can still do the same things I did when I was 30 just slower more carefully and with less weight. I'm just happy to still be able to travel easily, play tennis, jog, work out with weights, swim and sleep well.

My next blog will discuss the experiences I've had for the best ways to stay healthy as long as possible at the least amount of financial and physical cost to you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

With running, "the heart becomes a distinctly more efficient instrument, capable of doing more while working less hard." That's my experience.
As a serious runner years ago but now running and jogging only for endurance my standing pulse rate averages 51. The average pulse rate for a person at my age is 84, that's what aerobic exercising accomplishes. My heart is working at 40% less beats per minute that my sedentary contemporaries.
Many doctors see jogging and running as a powerful guard against heart disease and for even those who have survived heart attacks.
Compared with sedentary people, habitual walkers, joggers and runners have an increased life expectancy of 2 to 7 years: and only half the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

These are things for all those approaching 55 to really think about and not put it off.

Remember: simple, consistent and fun.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Enough time to exercise

A friend said to me the other day that there is never enough time in the day to spare for exercising.

The way I see it if there is enough time to brush your teeth, have a cup of coffee and glance at the paper each morning then there is enough time to exercise. Let me give you the following example: There are a total of 168 hours in the week broken up in the following manner,
56 hours a week for sleeping (8 hrs x 7 days)
55 hours a week for working and commuting (11 hrs x 5 days)
21 hours a week for eating ( 3 hrs x 7 days)
21 hrs a week for recreation TV, movies etc. ( 3 hrs x 7 days)
7 hrs a week for exercise ( 1 hr x 7 days)
8 extra hrs of free time. ( over an hr a day free time)

There is your 168 hrs for the week!! It does allow for exercise time, a very important part of your health regimen.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I was on the tennis court the other day, waiting for my partner to get ready, watching him stretch by touching his toes without any advance warm up. As he stood up he was holding his back saying that it always hurts to stretch. This gave me a chance to tell him my experience in stretching. Any stretch should begin with an aerobic activity, usually light jogging. The idea is to raise the body temperature so that muscles are looser. This aerobic warm up should only take 5 to 10 minutes.
Then go in to whatever stretch you feel is necessary for whatever sport you playing.

Monday, May 23, 2011


There are so many things in our life we have no control over but we do have control over the amount of exercise we do each day and the type of food we eat. It just take a willingness to want to steer your life in a healthy way.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's cheaper to be healthy than unhealthy

The cost of health care in the US is constantly raising with all the emphasis on the cost of insurance, hospitals, doctors, etc. Rarely in the debate is prevention included, meaning exercise and proper eating habits. Also we have not made an assault on the food industry who deliver us the food that is profitable for them but in so many cases unhealthy for the consumer.

Read all the ingredients on the food labels, if you don't know what an ingredient is DON'T BUY IT!! If the salt or sugar content is high DON"T BUY IT!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun

My experience, as a 74 year old, in having a successful exercise program is to keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun. Not every one likes to run but most of us don't mind a brisk walk every morning of at least 45 minutes and all you have to do is just walk out the door. Now that is simple, right.

If you're more like me you'll want to jog or run for a minimum of 1/2 hour but preferably 45 minutes to an hour. What brisk walking, jogging or running will do for us is it builds endurance, stamina and staying power that helps us to withstand wear and tear of aging. All these are important as we pass the magic marker of 50 years old. Remember all studies show that, "Exercise alters the course of aging," a very good reason to keep your exercise program "Consistent."

From this point on there is a steady slide downhill but the rate of that slide is what counts, which can be minimal if we are consistent in our exercising.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun

Aging is a natural process in the human species. Since it is natural lets deal with it in a natural way. So the most natural movement for the human body is walking for which it is perfectly designed, a continuos motion one foot in front of the other. To run is only one foot in front of the other, only faster. Brisk walking or jogging builds endurance, vitally important as we age.

The best part of this exercise is one can do it any time any place, all you have to do is go out the door. You don't need a team to get started only a willingness to get into shape. Don't depend on others for maintaining your health. Simple, huh.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Keep it Simple, Consistent and Fun

Remember to do some physical exercise everyday even if it's only a half hour. Let your body get used to the idea that exercising is part of your daily routine as is brushing your teeth. As the years pass you'll begin to feel new aches and pains that you've never felt before. Welcome to getting older, it's what happens to all of us. The question is how do we deal with it and continue to have a healthy life style that you enjoyed in the past.

As 74 year old my experience says good eating habits and exercise is the answer to healthy aging.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Free healthcare

Healthy living does not come from insurance companies or your doctors office, it comes from exercise and good eating habits. Exercise still remains one of the best health treatments we have. It's about small everyday choices--walk or ride your bike instead of driving when possible--the quantity and types of food we eat daily. Most important is being consistent. As we age, and we all do at exactly the same pace, good health becomes vital. Tomorrow I'll elaborate in more detail.

A path to a successful exercise program is to keep it simple, consistent and fun.