Monday, June 17, 2013

Too much talk about food..........

No matter where we look we are inundated by food signs, TV commercials pitching food, radio  advertising food and food shows telling how to cook food and to top that off a show about overweight people who must lose weight because they have been so influenced by this overwhelming environment  of food.

The worst part of all this is the majority of these foods being advertised are processed and have very little if any nutritional value.

From the time our kids start to watch television and now mobile devices they are the constant recipient of food commercials selling sugary, fatty foods. Now we even have food apps to direct us more quickly to that sacret place of wherever the food may be, as if we couldn't find it on our own.  Isn't it a wonder that we have a weight problem in this country. It seems clear what's wrong with this picture.

We don't have to buy into any of this but we have to pay close attention to what and how much we eat, it's up too you. Remember the human body needs a moderate amount of food to be healthy and vital.

Keep It Consistent and Fun.

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